Keynote Speaker
 Title:Comparative Analysis in Convective Heat Transfer
 Enhancement by Nanofluids
 Prof. Oronzio Manca
 Department of Aerospace Engineering and Mechanical Engineering
 The Second University of Naples, Italy

 Member of
  - American Society of of Mechanical Engineering ASME
  - Unione Italiana di Termofluidodinamica UIT
  - American Nano Society ANS
  - Associazione Tecnica dell’Automobile ATA

 Associate Editor for
  - Journal of Heat Transfer
  - Journal of Porous Media

 Member of the Editorial Advisory Boards for
  - Advances in Mechanical Engineering
  - Journal of Engineering
  - The Open Thermodynamics Journal
  - The Open Fuels & Energy Science Journal
  - Nano Energy and Nano Environment

 Main research activities:
 Heat Transfer, Thermal Sciences and Applied Thermodynamics.
 In detail:

  • active solar systems;
  • passive solar systems;
  • high temperature solar systems;
  • refrigerant fluids;
  • conduction in solids irradiated by moving heat sources, analytical and numerical solutions in material processing;
  • combined radiative and conductive fields in multilayer thin films;
  • natural and mixed convection in material processing, thermal control of electronic equipment and solar systems;
  • convection in porous media and microchannels;
  • heat transfer in nanofluids.

Keynote Speaker II  Title: Modeling, Control, and Scientific Computation for
 Complicated Engineering Problems

 Dr. Yunhua Li
 Professor of Mechatronics and Hydraulic Control
 Division 303ˇ]Department of Mechatronicsˇ^
 School Automation Science and Electric Engineering
 Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics

  • Executive committee member of Fluid Power Transmission and Control of CMES, since 2000
  • Committee member of Fluid Control Engineering of CMS, since 2005
  • Secretary-general of Academic Committee of Sch. Auto. and Electric Eng. of Beihang University, since 2005
  • Technical Editorof IEEE/ASME Transactions on Mechatronics
  • AE of International Journal of Aeronautics and Astronautics(Published in USA), since 2009
  • AE of International of Journal of Control Theory and Applications(Published in India), since 2008
  • Editor in Chief of Hydraulics, Pneumatics and Seals, since 2007
  • Reviewer to serve for IEEE/ASME TMECH, IEEE Trans. Power Sys., ASME J. Dyn. Sys. Meas. & Control, IJCAS, Canada TMECH, etc

 Main research activities:
 hydraulic and mechatronic control of the field robot
 In detail:

  • mechatronics
  • hydraulic power transmission and control
  • mechatronic system nonlinear dynamics and control
  • networked control
  • electro-magnetic and electro-hydraulic actuators
  • mobile robot construction machinery

Invited Speaker III  Title: Laser-based material processing and electronics fabrication

 Prof. Daeho Lee
 Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering, Gachon University,

  • 03/2014-present Gachon University (Seongnam, Korea), Assistant Professor, Depatment of Mechanical Engineering
  • 10/2012-02/2014 Laser Thermal Lab at UC Berkeley (Berkeley, USA), Postdoctoral Research Associate
  • 05/2013-02/2014 Lawrence Livermore National Lab (Livermore, USA), Visiting Scientist
  • 03/2009-02/2014 Lawrence Berkeley National Lab (Berkeley, USA), Guest researcher
  • 08/2008-09/2012 Laser Thermal Lab at UC Berkeley (Berkeley, USA), Research Assistant
  • 01/2007-07/2007 Hyundai Engineering & Construction Co., Ltd. (Seoul, Korea), Staff Engineer, Division of Overseas Plant
  • 03/2005-12/2006 Integrated Energy & Environment Lab at Seoul National University (Seoul, Korea), Research Assistant
  • 03/2002-02/2005 Handol Pumps Ltd. (Industrial process pumps manufacturing company) (Incheon, Korea), Engineer, Division of Manufacturing & Design

 Main research activities:
 In detail:

  • Development and application of the laser processing for nanomaterials
  • Laser assisted printing techniques for the fabrication of functional nanostructures
  • Laser assisted chemical vapor deposition (LACVD) of semiconducting materials
  • Flexible Electronics, Wearable Electronics
  • Transparent conductors
  • Sustainable Energy Device (dye sensitized solar cells, organic solar cells)
  • Water splitting for hydrogen production
  • Flexible Electronics, Wearable Electronics
  • Laser processing for clean and high-efficiency energy technology
  • Nanomaterial synthesis and characterization